In today’s age, music is everywhere. But how does it get there? Obviously social media now allows anyone to promote, publicize and, yes even advertise, their own products and services. But there is still a very special and unique place for intra-industry marketing services. In many cases, as most of you in the music industry know, this is how the promotion game works. Music promoters and solicitors build relationships with the people who serve music to their customers. They need good music so their customers listen to their channels, stations, and ultimately, buy ads. Even when it comes to internet radio, it’s in hopes that viewers, or listeners as it were, will click ads, or listen to 10 second ad spots, etc. So the whole promotion industry is predicated upon those relationships. This of course coming at a premium cost. (somewhere around $500-1500 a week.)

Enter A website who claims to promote your music to “get your songs in rotation on radio stations (web, college, FM), reviewed on blogs, and posted in music communities.” I purchased a package for roughly $200 dollars that was suited to my genre of music. Before I used, I used another website, MusicXray as a gauge of how marketable the music would be in the first place – not that I ever doubt my gut, of course 😉 – but after I had confirmed that it was highly marketable, was 90% of industry professionals who heard it considering it a hit, I set about to then do the next logical thing – promote it on to get it out to the masses at a discount.


I’ll keep this relatively short, but the first thing I noticed is that it’s a somewhat drawn out process, and while I’m not sure why, it may be for artists’ actual statistical advantages. I’m assuming so, otherwise it defeats the purpose of sending music out so slowly to contacts. After about a month or so, I think all 650 blogs, radio stations and other personnel were in receipt of my music, which I could track on MusicSubmit’s handy artist and label dashboard. All in all, 31 people accepted the music in my promotion campaign (of 650) yet only 25 had downloaded it. Some probably want physical CD’s shipped to them, which isn’t going to happen considering that we are now in 2015 and most CD’s I have laying around are coasters or artifacts. It’s so simple, (perhaps TOO simple many copyright holders would argue,) to do these days. But I digress. 25 people were in actual receipt of my music now. Awesome!


Of those 25 website, none were FM stations, most were online radio, none were blogs that wrote a word about my campaign, (one actually used the service to privately SOLICIT me to PAY them money to write an article about me on their wacky, poor website, which had few if any visitors!) which brings me to the main point – most of the station websites who accepted my music look like GeoCities websites circa 1998 – kid you not – very outdated, not well designed, not very professional, and well, in general just dodgy. If you can imagine a “Grandma Jean’s Pancakes and Music” internet radio station, that’s kind of the idea of what you get with the service. This is my own experience. I’m not saying it has been everyone’s. But it has been mine.

And for that reason, I can, in confidance, tell you that in my professional opinion, it’s just not money well spent. There are so many other things you can do today for $200 dollars than spend it on – like get CD artwork designed, a logo for your band, an entire website… the list goes on. But to have your music promoted to sketchy “internet radio stations” with virtually no significant listener base isn’t one of them.

P.S. I will say that I got ONE personal e-mail from a lady who actually e-mailed me regarding my music who has a very small live365 equivalent internet radio station and she seemed like a very friendly person. But that’s one of 650.

Caveat Emptor.

-David Verity

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8 thoughts on “ Review: MY EXPERIENCE (and review) USING THE PLATFORM

  1. Aaron 2 years ago

    So I was a host of one of those “virtually no significant listener base” online radio stations and a “not very well designed” blog …. if you consider a weekly show with 8000 listens a month and a blog with nearly as many views have no significant listener/reader base. Since grandma can do just as easily and this blog of yours probably has quadruple that readership I don’t know why I’m writing …… except to talk about one artist I met through MusicSubmit. I reviewed him and interviewed him live on my rinky dink radio show. I was his FIRST review and interview. He took both those things and got a Stuarts Epps interested – on those reviews alone as that’s all he had – and producing his next album. I mean, he’s famous for producing Led Zeppelin, I doubt you have heard of them as obviously using MusicSubmit will get you no where except for tea and cookies with grandma. It seems like that because MusicSubmit doesn’t get you to homebase than it’s worthless. Not true. It’s a building block. Patience is important in the music business. If you were so big you don’t need MusicSubmit you wouldn’t be writing this blog. Though, for someone trying to get music out there you’re spending as much time blogging about how the business is this or that.

    But, what I found through 3 years was I can interview a million musicians or blog about them (actually 600 reviews in 4 years – and I refused money for a few), but it’s up to them to take that and put it on their website. If you don’t copy my blog then you can’t complain if your fans don’t read it. And, I have found that those musicians that are posting little grandma things like me are keeping fans better than other musicians that sit back and wait for others to make them famous. I’ve found fans love to follow what musicians are doing. It’s modest but it keeps people interested.

    As for spending $200 on a new website. If nobody sees it then its not a worthwhile investment. And, honestly, you do not know where your fans come from. Do you ask every one which blogs or reviews or radio shows they’ve listened to? If you do than your fan base is wickedly too small.

    1. david 2 years ago

      Hi Aaron,

      First of all I want to say that if I have in any way offended you with my review, then I do sincerely apologize. I appreciate people like you who take the time to work with and help spread awareness for new artists.

      I do however want to clear something up. I wasn’t able to visit every site that Music Submit sent my music to. There is a good chance I did not see your site. I saw a couple and they were hard to navigate. Secondly, this is not a review of your website. I paid for hundreds of reviews and sites for exposure, not yours directly… so I’m not sure why exactly you’re taking offense to something that wasn’t even directed at you or your site.

      This review was about my *subjective* opinion as an executive of an independent record label, of the website – this was not a review of your station or your site. Only one person contacted me about my music when I submitted it to them through the platform. When I submit my songs to people on other websites, I always get a response, be it good or bad. But I only received one. So that’s where the “sketchy” comes in at, not the design.

      So again, this wasn’t directed at you, these were just my thoughts on the site. Again, I apologize if you were offended, and I truly hope you continue to do what you love doing, and keep sharing music you enjoy.

      Mr. David Verity

  2. Todd 1 year ago

    I am working with Music Submit right now. The guy who runs it seems to be scamming me. Says I have 125 “submission credits for this campaign” there are 37 that have been used. Nothing has been accepted. This site is NO GOOD. BEWARE OF MUSIC SUBMIT

    1. david 1 year ago

      Hey Todd,

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us, maybe it will be of some use to others! Make sure to keep us updated on the experience, and in the very near future I plan on updating the site with some alternative (free) methods to get some actionable results, stay tuned..

  3. Ginger 1 year ago

    Thank you for sharing your experience David. It’s exactly what I needed to make a wise decision as to whether this service is for me.

    1. david 1 year ago

      You’re very welcome Ginger. Let everyone know what you did end up doing instead, what works for you etc, and in the near future like I said I’ll be posting some things that I found to be very effective in terms of alternative marketing opps..

  4. Al Smith 2 months ago

    That’s about right. I had a similar experience. Some small things that were good but very little; if you have money to throw away, it may be worth it, but if you have a limited budget there are much better ways to spend your money.

    1. david 2 months ago

      Hi Al, thanks for your comment. I completely agree. What were some things that you feel worked out better for you, in case there other other readers who might want to get more bang for their buck?