Some time last year, I stumbled across a website that professed to be the answer to the problem of any musician who is looking for audio engineers, but may not live in a city big enough to have good, quality mixing. The website was – a “marketplace for musicians to find and hire Recording Studios, Mixing Engineers, Mastering Engineers and professional Session Musicians.”

I was a bit skeptical but thought, “Hey, what’ve I got to lose? It costs nothing. I’ll give it a shot.” I posted my resume on the site with a short bio and samples of my mixes and thought if anything, this could be fun or cool and I might get a client or two. Before long, I actually had a good number of clients contact me explaining that they loved how my mixes sounded and that they wanted to hire me to mix their music. Awesome!

The site basically allows musicians to post a job, and then invite mixers that they think would be a good fit for the project to bid on it, kind of like Engineers can also browse jobs and submit to them using credits which you can purchase, (again like Freelancer,) but I rarely, if ever, do this, and I imagine other professional mix engineers don’t do this either. Because when you’re busy mixing and you’ve got clients coming to you, it’s hard to justify the time (and credits/money) required to “bid” on jobs. Not only that, but any professional mixer is going to have rates that are going to get SO lowballed by non-professional mixers, that you rarely get the job anyway, because some guy with a laptop and an untreated room is going to outbid you and say he’ll mix the project for 30 bucks lol. was founded by Shachar Gilad, the site’s CEO. Which kind of makes sense how such an awesome site came to fruition, because Shachar was actually behind marketing projects for both Waves and Apple before he launched SoundBetter. No surprise then, that he could recognize the need and then act on it and create a 500 Startups company. is something that was needed in the industry for a long, long time. This is something that I have shared with Shachar in my excitement about finding the site. Before the site was launched, there wasn’t really a way for musicians to connect with audio professionals to get top flight mixes done. It’s kind of like, except MusicXray is for musicians looking to connect with executives, and people on the administrative end, managers etc, whereas soundbetter allows you to connect with audio professionals on the creative end.

If you’re someone who realizes you might benefit from collaborating with other professional level musicians, producers, engineers, etc, I highly suggest you give the site a try. It’s free to sign up and browse, and you will undoubtedly find someone there who can help bring your musical ideas to fruition.

Have you used I’d love to hear your experiences!

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  1. Randellovic 1 year ago

    I can agree that Soundbetter is a great site to connect with other musicians.
    Just had my first review from a remix I made.

  2. Kevin 11 months ago

    I think its a great idea. However, I was shocked at how expensive it is for a professional to get premium access. At almost $400 a year it makes it almost impossible for an up and coming professional to get access to key parts of the site (e.g. bid for work). And therefore, what is the point? Instead of being a place where it creates a level playing field it just serves to make worse the gap between those already successful and those trying to break in.

    1. david 10 months ago

      Hi Kevin. Sorry for the delay. I hear what you’re saying about the fee. $39 is a little bit on the higher end compared to other revolving services in different industries. Personally I think $29 would be a better price point. But there are a few things to be considered.

      First, there’s no other site like it anywhere. That one’s a no brainer. Inevitably, there most likely will be, this happens in every field. Inspiration always gives rise to imitation. Perhaps then things will settle down a bit and fall somewhere between $19-$29 per month.

      But secondly, you have to consider the value of a site such as this. They do have some hangups, especially with the token and bid system, but you have to consider different factors such as the service you provide. As a mix engineer, I make enough on one to two tracks to pay for my entire year worth of membership. So while it may be a bit of money up front if you’re just starting out, I think it turns out to be worth it in the long run.

      Lastly, I want to mention that if you’re a professional engineer or industry professional, all of the years and money it costs to get to a world reputable level aren’t cheap. I think they want to cater to professionals as providers, so that means people who have spent more money on memory foam for the walls than they would on two years worth of membership. Just to put it in perspective for who their demographic is… I say give it a shot. I’ve always made more money in a month with them than a years worth of membership. Let me know if you try it after a month how it’s going!

  3. Roy 9 months ago

    Hi – enjoyed your analysis of the site 2 questions :

    Is it 39 a month for the ability to bid or is it 39 a month regardless?

    If one doesn’t Ben but just gets their profile searchable is there a decent amount of exposure?

    IE what determines my location in the search results for say top-line Melody I’d imagine if it’s not in the top 50 that the responses drop off pretty sharply after that even if I have a good reel

    1. david 6 months ago

      Hey Roy, did you get a chance to use it yet? The price includes a certain number of bids per month. I think it’s 15. That becomes a bit more of a sticky situation, as the amount of “professionals” increases. I’ve heard lots of not so good mixes from some mixers on there. Some are great. But if it gets oversaturated, then 15 bids might be a problem for them in their model. If you live in a larger city this may be a problem as well. I was never a fan of the 15 bids model. But I am a fan of getting new clients so… whatever works right?